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    A Healthy Life Is A Happy Life

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We at Prana Wellness are dedicated to providing information and treatment in the rapidly evolving area of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

Please review our site, avail yourselves of as much information as you like, and feel free to contact us with questions about Natural Hormone Therapy for your individual needs. We trust you will find our design to be easy to navigate and our Products and Services for Natural Hormone Therapy to be readily accessible.

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Dear Dr Santo,
I have been meaning to send you an email to just say thank you so much for everything. It has now been almost 2 yrs since I started on your hormone program and I could not be happier. As someone who is very athletic and competitive, getting myself in balance has been an extremely important missing link for me, not only for sport competition, but health and energy in general. I am a guy in my early 50's who can still hold my own with the youngsters with my golf game. I take a lot of pride in that. I also want to especially thank you for your nutrition advice and the suggestion of eliminating wheat from my diet. What a difference! I never understood how much of an allergy I had until stopping it. You rock Doc!

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Our Featured Product!

Corti Cut is a key adaptogenic formula that supports the body's ability to manage life's ongoing demands by restoring healthy adrenal cortisol balance. When cortisol is in proper range, optimal hormone balancing is more easily achieved. May be used with companion product Corti Cut PM, for round-the-clock cortisol stabilization.

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